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Title Learn about Dementia from A to Z
Writer 운영자
Date 2019-12-12 [11:20] count : 6535
As we get older, the possibility of having dementia is getting increased. Even in Korea, the aging population is elevated, one of ten elderly has dementia, and we expect it will be increased more. In this page, let’s learn what are the symptoms of dementia and how to prevent it.
What is dementia?
In cognitive function, there are memory, concentration, calculation ability, movement ability, and language ability. Dementia does not mean that the person loses only the memory function, it means that not only the person can’t remember the things well but also the cognitive function is decreased also, so he/she has difficulty in social life or daily activities. We call it dementia.

If the person’s cognitive function is decreased, but there is not a big problem of daily activities and social life, we call it “Mild cognitive impairment”. Every year, 10~15% of mild cognitive impairment patients develop to dementia. In means that the patient has the risk to have dementia, so it has to be checkup and observe closely.

What is the symptom of dementia?

If the patient is diagnosed with dementia and started to get the treatment in the early stage, there is a possibility of stopping the disease developed or slow it down. So it is very important to get early diagnosis compared with other diseases. Here is the below, there are symptoms of dementia.

- Memory loss.
- Being confused about time or place.
- Problems speaking or writing.
- Changes in personality or mood
- Difficulty in planning or solving problems
- Poor judgment or decision-making
- Difficulty calculating

How to diagnosis dementia?

If the person has severe dementia, it is very easy to notice. However, in the early stage of dementia, it is not easy to distinguish. For that, the patient should go through close consultation with the doctor, neurologic examination and neuropsychological test.

Once the patient gets a diagnosis with dementia, he/she will go through several tests to find out the reason like MRI, SPECT, PET, Blood test (liver function, kidney function, anemia, vitamin), brainwave test, thyroid function test and so on.

How to treat dementia?

The way of the treatment will make a decision after finding the cause of dementia. If it is vascular dementia, the patient gets the preventive treatment for the stroke in the early stage, it can prevent it from developing. Even after get diagnosis with vascular dementia, if the patient gets the treatment well, the symptom will be improved. In case the person has already diagnosis with the risk factor of stroke like deep vein, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and so on, it is necessary to get preventive treatment.

In the case of Alzheimer's dementia, it is caused by the decrease of acetylcholine which is brain neurotransmitter. If the enzyme which disassembles acetylcholine is controlled to increase the amount of acetylcholine, the symptoms will be improved.

Furthermore, change the patient’s living environment is also important. Turn up a dim light to prevent the patient to become delirious or go to extremes. Furthermore, clean up any stuff which is risky to the patient, and eliminate the door sill and put a mat on the toilet to prevent the falling. If it is possible, set up an emergency bell to help the patient.

How to prevent dementia?

- Getting the treatment for the risk factor of stroke
- Stay mentally alert and involved socially.
- Get plenty of exercises.
- Be careful not to get an injury your head.
- Don’t get stress and try to relax.
- Don’t overdose any drug or medicine
- Eat healthy food.